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This map shows the borders of Rwanda and neighboring Burundi. It also shows Uganda, the country where the Tutsis fled to in the 1950s when they were persecuted then.

Road To A Genocide
This article gives insight to what really occurred during the Rwandan Genocide. From the smaller genocides in the '50s and '60s, to the propaganda techniques used by the Hutu extremists, it gives both reasons for the genocide, and the effects of it. The author, Bill Berkeley, interviewed the Hutus who took place in the mass killings, and the Tutsis who were persecuted. He took all points of view, and put them together in an article that gives reasons for why this happened, and why the world didn't do anything about it.

Berkeley, Bill. "Road to a Genocide." New York Times 1 Jan. 2001. SIRS. Penfield High School, Penfield, NY. 1 June 2008 <http://sks.sirs.com/cgi-bin/hst-article-display?id=SNY1899-0-1657&artno=0000270835&type=ART&shfilter=

Genocide in Rwanda <-- if that link doesn't work, use the one below.

This article gives a simple explanation of what happened during the genocide. It has a lot of statistics, such as percentages and numbers. It is not at all opinion based, it states only facts. In summary, it says that the plane of the Hutu president was shot down, and it served as a pretext for a mass murder of the Tutsi population. Militia went from house to house, killing, and many of the women were raped. It took a long time for the UN to intervene, and even then, the killings were not called genocide.

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This article shows all the fighting that has happened in the Rwanda/Burundi area, since the modern era. It explains the differences between Hutus and Tutsis. It also gives details about the Rwanda Genocide of 1994. It explains how the Hutu-Tutsi conflict is not only in Rwanda and Burundi, but also in Zaire/The Republic of Congo.

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Ghosts of Rwanda

This series of videos is a series of parts from one episode from PBS Frontline, Ghosts of Rwanda. This episode shows causes of the genocide, and the effects of the genocide, not to mention exactly what happened during this genocide. It explains the reactions of both the Hutus and the Tutsis and the reactions of those outside Rwanda, including nations, and the Red Cross.