• The tensions between the majority Hutus and the Tutsis, who were seen as the elite members of society
  • The Belgian colonial rule, which rewarded Tutsis with a Western education, and denyied political and economic power to the Hutus
  • Rwandan Independence, in 1963, when the Tutsis were disciminated against, and went into exile in Uganda
  • The Civil War, when the Tutsis returned to Rwanda in 1990, a civil war broke out, ending in a cease-fire, signed by the Hutu president, and presided over by the United Nations peacekeeping force
  • President Habyariman, a Hutu, was shot down on April 6th, 1994. The Hutus blamed the Tutsi for this, and they started a massacre.

Eff ects

  • The mass murder of almost 75% of the Tutsi population
  • Nearly 9% of the adult population is HIV-positive
  • By 1997, the Tutsi ran the government
  • The UN Security Council established International Criminal Tribunal