Three years after the UN Security Council had finally intervened in Rwanda, they voted to create an international tribunal to try those who participated in the massacre. Rwanda, although not agreeing with the non-use of the death penalty, decided to cooperate with the tribunal.

This court however, is not very effective, because they have only tried 18 defendants in the past eight years. Rwanda itself arrested many, but without the organization of a bigger superpower, it lacks the ability to put them on trial. There is not enough room for all the prisoners, so, like Nuremberg, most of the people arrested were set free.
These solutions have not been very effective, as not many people have been tried in court. Although there is not enough time to try every single person, more courts can be set up, and the process can be sped up. There are limitless ideas that could be put into use in trying those who are guilty, yet there is little being done.